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Medical & Diagnostic Clinic's team of physicians are medically advanced in their knowledge of interventional pain management and use of advanced neurologic rehabilitation to treat the most debilitating pain conditions with a multi-disciplinary approach.
Louisiana Pain Treatment Clinic

The MD Clinic treats the most debilitating pain conditions, using a multi-disciplinary approach. Physicians who are medically advanced in their knowledge of interventional pain management and the use of advanced neurologic rehabilitation, the team at The MD Clinic is dedicated to helping those with chronic pain.

Committed to working with the body’s healing agents, rather than against them, MD Clinic utilizes procedures that are not only safe, but are also highly effective for treating a larger scope of disorders. Our medications and neurologic rehabilitation treatments attack the pain by reducing swelling and resetting nerve activity of the inflamed tissue. What makes the MD Clinic’s procedures so unique is our treatment methods allow Doctors to treat the entire source of inflamed and damaged tissue, providing a larger pain blockage. The medications and interventional treatments used also work synergistically with the body's chemistry to promote healing, and include:

• Set Injections
• Pressure Release Technology
• Steroid Injection
• Supartz Knee Injections
• Physical Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• MiRx Protocol for Headaches
• Chiropractic Care
• And many other procedures that have proven fast, and effective, allowing for a diagnostic approach to the immediate treatment of pain.

While no individual treatment works for every patient, using a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment can help find the solution to your chronic pain problem.

The MD Clinic has two locations:

• Lake Charles, LA (337) 478-5634
• Baton Rouge, LA (225) 761-1981

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